I No Longer Receive My Indicator of the Month Indicators, How Can I Fix That?

We are operating the Indicator of the Month Club on an automated basis. All download links to the free indicators are only valid for a certain amount of time and the array of indicators changes over time. This means it could be possible that we take some free indicators out and add new ones in. Our system will then automatically distribute the free indicators to each member on a monthly basis depending on the level of commitment of each member.


For that reason, it is really important that you keep opening your emails and use the download links which are provided with the free indicators. When you do not open the emails we send, the system will detect this and the frequency you receive the emails from us will slow down automatically as it assumes you do not have any interest in the content.


For our new 2022 Indicator Of the Month Club Indicators are currently delayed but we are working diligently to release new ones as soon as we can. As soon as they are released they are added to your Member's Area.


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