How To Place Your Order ID in your NinjaTrader 8

You may have already placed your Order ID in your indicator to authorize it, and if you did, no further action is required. However, if you have not, please follow the additional instructions below to avoid any interruption in your service. Products require an Order ID OR a License Key, never both. 

Each indicator you purchase from Ninjacators will only start working if you provide us with your NinjaTrader Machine ID and when you use your unique Order ID.

Your unique Order ID can be found inside your email with the Subject Line: IMPORTANT: Your Personal Order ID for Indicator Verification. See example on the picture below (Picture 1):

Picture 1:


Please take only the 4-6-digit Order ID, only the number (NOT the text or anything else) and place it in the Ninjacators Order ID field inside the indicator settings menu.  See example of an indicator window in the picture below (Picture 2):

Picture 2:



Once you’ve placed the correct Order ID in the Order ID field, please click on ‘preset’ at the bottom of the indicator settings menu and click on ‘save’ to make sure that the Order ID is saved as the default for this indicator. After the number is saved you will not need to add the number again, unless you delete the templates and/or reinstall the indicator. It's important to complete this step now, so that you do NOT have to repeat this process again in the future. (See Picture 3)

Picture 3:


Once you have completed these steps, and provided us with your correct NinjaTrader Machine ID, your indicator will be fully functional.

In case you applied the indicator to the chart without adding the Order ID to it first, the indicator might not start working after you added the Order ID. In this case, please save the Order ID and then restart your NinjaTrader. After the restart the verification should be successful, and you can start using your Ninjacators indicator.

As always, if you have any technical issues, please call or email us so we can serve you better.

You can submit a support request HERE.


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